About Me


I am a professional make-up stylist from Taiwan.

At a young age and loving the essence of beauty, I self create & experiment styling in front of mirror. After graduation from high school, I took up my first job as a make-up artist in a wedding boutique. This has further enhanced passion, vast interest and enthusiasm. 20 years has gone by after taking it as a career.

In 1992 despite working as a make-up styling assistant in a well known wedding boutique, seniors have imparted knowledge and on the job training. In turn, besides gaining more techniques it had also benefited in terms of soft
skills. Having to work during wee mornings & before dawn breaks did not matter. To accompany brides in starting their new journey of lives brought indescribable happiness and that I could share their joy. Able to complete their
unforgettable moments was enjoyable and in turn makes me happy.

Being in Singapore for 20 years, I have completely adapted to both local culture and the styles for to-wed couples. Majority of local to-wed brides like and choose the natural touch. Bringing out simplistic and elegance of all individuals. Natural styling is the closest to our skin colour where almost not seeing the obvious difference. In turn, the choice of foundation is vital. Regardless being in a multiculture society, nature will maintain its radiance and lasting.



Promotion Makeup Service

Promotion Makeup Service promotional package at $128 one person for both makeup & hairdo. However this is to be done at our studio. This only from Monday to Thursday promotion price Friday Saturday Sunday price is $168 Makeup and hairdo Should you wish for Home services, one person $180 and two persons at $350
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Premium Actual Day Package

Premium Actual Day Package ($1,688) The packages includes: Complete follow through makeup studio & hairdo from day till night. Unlimited hairdo & makeup. Bridegroom's hairdo & makeup. Fake eyelashes & Ampoule (Day & Night). 2 sisters or/and mother hairdo + makeup. 2nd march in hairdo + makeup. NB: If not confirmed to take the package [...]
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Photo Shoot Makeup & Hairdo Package

Photo Shoot Makeup & Hairdo Package Photo shoot (In studio only): $480 The packages includes: Bridal makeup  & hairdo One trial makeup at Ponnie Hsu Studio Bridegroom's makeup & hairdo Additional charges: Ampoule $30 per bottle False eyelashes $20 per pair For outdoor: $50 per hour charges Early surcharge shall incurred if required before 08:00am [...]
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Actual Wedding Package

Actual Wedding Package Actual Wedding Day & Night - Makeup + Hairdo at $880 (Home Service) The packages includes: Session of trial makeup with hairdo and all accessories at Ponnie Hsu Studio. Bridegroom's hairdo.  (Location with bride for night bouquet) Fake eyelashes (Day & Night) for brides only. Ampoule (Day & Night) for brides only. Transport [...]
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ROM Makeup Package

ROM Makeup Packages Home service: $248 * Do not include trial makeup & hairdo Studio services: $198 Trial makeup & hairdo (only available in studio): $398 * Fake eyeslashes (one time only) No surcharge from 08:00am Early charges if required before 08:00am Additional Services: * Request of Ampoule at $30 per bottle * Accessories - [...]
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Professional Course

Makeup Course

Although some cosmetology programs group makeup artistry into a single course or workshop, many define them as separate sections or levels based on the skills being taught. During the introductory course, students explore the theory and reasoning behind certain makeup techniques in order to better understand the cause and effect relationship for makeup application.

Hair Styling Course

Hair stylist courses and classes are offered through cosmetology and barbering programs that typically lead to certificates, although associate’s degree programs in cosmetology do exist. These programs can take up to two years, and they can be found at beauty schools, technical colleges and community colleges. But now, you can attend the course in our studio.


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